Get the most from your website with dedicated Wordpress support

Sure, your website looks great. But who wants to deal with ongoing site security, updates and backups? Luckily, it’s now easy to get help with WordPress – and feel totally supported.

Our Core Services

Every WordPress website has the same basic needs.
All of our plans include the following services as standard.

Wordpress Updates

Applying updates to WordPress, plugins and themes is the most powerful way to secure your WordPress website.

Wordpress Backups

Rock solid, cloud-based back ups of your entire WordPress website is the cornerstone of disaster recovery and peace of mind.

Wordpress Security

Our proactive approach to security combines Firewall, hardening & fixing potential threats before they become a problem.

No contract. Cancel anytime.

Our WordPress support service allows you to spend more time running your business and less time worrying about your website.

Bronze package

Perfect for individuals and small businesses

£50 / Month

  • WordPress core updates
  • Monthly plugins and theme updates
  • Monthly backup of files and database
  • Monthly security scans
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SIlver package

Perfect for large businesses and eCommerce stores

£100 / Month

  • WordPress core updates
  • Weekly plugins and theme updates
  • Weekly backup of files and database
  • Weekly security scans
  • 1 small job per month
  • Weekly content optimisation
  • Weekly performance checks
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GOLD package

Enterprise level support

£150 / Month

  • WordPress core updates
  • Weekly plugins and theme updates
  • Daily backup of files and database
  • Weekly security scans
  • 2 small jobs per month
  • Weekly content optimisation
  • Weekly performance checks
  • Client reports
  • Uptime monitoring
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The above support packages are subject to terms and conditions.


Below are some questions that we get on a regular basis. Have a different question? Contact us and we’ll answer as quickly as possible.

What if I want to cancel my support plan?

You are free to cancel your support at any time. Our packages have no fixed term contracts and work on a monthly basis. Just write us an email or give us a call.

Do your support packages include SEO?

Our packages are focused on the maintenance of your website and in-depth SEO is outside the scope of a support package. Where required, we follow best practices to enhance the SEO of anything we do as part of your maintenance plan and will make sure your website has a good quality SEO plugin in place (we use SEO by Yoast).

Can you help me set up an SSL certificate?

Yes, and there are two parts to the process. First, you need to purchase an SSL certificate and have it installed on your website. If your website is hosted with BCS you can contact the hosting team to get one setup. Once that’s done, your website needs to be configured from http:// to https:// which is where we come in.

What happens if my site has a plugin that is no longer supported?

If no breaking changes or other issues are presented, we’ll leave the plugin on your site. We frequently encounter plugins with a variety of issues – abandoned, deprecated code, etc. In such cases, the customer is notified of better, up-to-date alternatives.

How do you define a small job?

A small job refers to any new feature, minor modification or web development task under 30 minutes in length. Examples are adding a new logo, creating a new online form, swapping an image on a page, adding new content, etc.

If the job is definitely going to take more than an half an hour to complete we will quote the amount of time required as ad-hoc development. We always stick to our quoted time even if we spend more time than quoted.

Never worry about your WordPress site again. From ad-hoc development to security and core updates, we've got it covered.