Pay As You Go Websites

Pay As You Go websites are a perfect solution for the growing business that want to put a quality digital presence online but maybe don’t have the capital outlay for a bespoke solution.


WordPress at the heart of it …

We have been developing bespoke WordPress websites here at BCS-Studio for many years and have had many conversations, especially with startups and small businesses, who worry about the relatively large capital investment required for a bespoke site.

While there are compelling reasons in a lot of cases to justify this investment there are just as many organisations that cannot justify this outlay relative to the turnover or cash flow of the business especially in the early days.

A number of these types of business then turn to the Web Site Builders offered by a number of the larger providers such as Go Daddy or Wix which is fine if you have the desire to put the hours in to learn how to use such tools but as is often the case a lot of business owners don’t have that time.

Full Branding

Branded with your company logo and colour scheme

Content managed by WordPress

Ability to add content (pages of text, images, video) as required

UK Web Hosting

Managed, hosted and backed up on UK based cloud servers


To help these types of clients we’ve developed our own “Pay As You Go website” solution that utilises WordPress themes we’ve developed here at BCS-Studio. For a simple monthly subscription you can have your own WordPress based website that will carry out the vast majority of tasks you'd be looking for your digital presence to fulfil. Prices start from £100/month for a full professional website without the capital outlay.

Pay as you Go FAQ's

Below are some questions that we get on a regular basis. Have a different question? Contact us and we’ll answer as quickly as possible.

Is there a minimum contract period?

Yes, depending on the choice of website we can offer various packages that will have a minimum 12 or 24 months contract.

Do I have full access to edit my site?

You have full access to the WordPress back-end to add/edit any pages, text, images or video on your website.

Never worry about your WordPress site again. From ad-hoc development to security and core updates, we've got it covered.